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SG205 - Saint Germain Verneuil 2
Paris Apartment Rental in Saint Germain des Prés
2-bedroom / 2-bathroom vacation apartment rental

Our previous guests'comments on this apartment

Bonjour Capucine,

We just wished to send you a quick email to thank you once again for all of your assistance in making our first trip to Paris as unforgettable as it was.
The apartment and it's location were absolutely perfect.  We could not have had a better location if we had wanted to.  After having seen what our colleagues ended up with at the Concorde La Fayette, we were astonished at what their accommodations were . The apartment was perfect and the location was superb.  In fact, I had to take the metro only 3 times and that was to go to the Palais de Congres. Otherwise, everything was within walking distance.  I can now advise you that in fact, i have a degree in French and Italian with a minor in Spanish and another in Russian/Linguistics.  I was to have gone to the Sorbonne for a year as part of the exchange program of my alma mater but I met Gordon and turned down the offer.  This trip provided me with the opportunity to see the city and cherish it's heritage and culture, both of which remain very dear to my heart.  So, this was the culmination of several different events.  To have stayed with the locals and in the area where  Camus, Jean Paul Sartre frequented and to have seen where Moliere performed his first comedy were the embodiment of what I love.
So, as you can see, I am hooked.  This results in my next enquiry.  Gordon and I are going to return next year at the same time for between 9-12 days.  We   wish to ensure that we are in Paris at the time of the journee du patrimoine.  I now know that it is on the weekend after Sept 15.  Although we would love to stay at the same apt, it may be too large for Gordon and myself if we do not travel with someone else.  Do you have another one bedroom apartment in virutally the same location?
We would even like to have it on rue du verneuil.  It is so lovely and quiet compared to other streets which are much busier.  The proximity of the Proxi grocery stores and Eric Kayser  and the cave made it so convenient.
So, if you could let me know about any possibilities that you may have, that would be great.  I can give you exact dates but my first enquiry is about properties that you manage.  

Lastly, when may we expect our damage deposit to be returned?  I am assuming that everything was okay.  We tried to leave it and treat it as if it were our own.  

Thanks again for everything and a bientot!!

Susan and Gordon S, (September 2008).


The apartment was fantastic. Frederic was very helpful in meeting us, showing us around the apartment and giving instructions. We had all we needed, and it made for a terrific visit.

Thank you so much for your superior service. I will recommend you to my friends who choose to travel to Paris.


John T. Decatur, GA (May 2008)

Many thanks again Claude...

We are dreaming of our days in Paris, in our apartment... in our neighborhood...
This was a trip of a lifetime...and forever appreciated.
We felt fortunate to work with you and Eric to make our stay most memorable.

Not sure we can do this every year....but the next time we go, we will call you at Paris Luxury Rentals!

Best regards,
Mary Lion :)

(Sept., 2006)

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