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SG101 - Seine
Paris Apartment Rental in Saint Germain des Prés
1-bedroom / 1-bathroom vacation apartment rental

Our previous guests'comments on this apartment

We had a wanderful time. I loved the location. It was close to everything just like I wanted. The best bakery is Paris across the street.
Thank you,

Aurora D. (October 2006)

Dear Claude,

We just received our deposit check back - merci.
Paris was aboulutely beautiful and we loved the apartment. The apartment has an absolute terrific location in St-Germain des Pres. Nice daylighting, views of street life, comfortable, and quiet at night. Obviously in a part of town where people live, it is surrounded by engraving, flower, chocolate, and adult and children's clothing shops, along with many specialty bookstores. To buy food, rue de Buci is only two blocks away and has everything from a fruit and vegetable stand, gourmet food store with rotisserie chickens, wine and cheese shops, a Paul bakery, and even a compete Champion grocery store. For eating out, there are many, many cafes and restaurants dominated by French and Italian menus, but also several Mexican restaurants. With the Metro, St-Sulpice cathedral, and the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens only a couple blocks away, I highly recommend this property. Thanks for all your and Yohan's assistance.

Gary from Texas (May 2006)

Bonjour Claude,

We had a very nice visit in Paris and enjoyed the apartment.
Everything was perfect. Yohan met us and was most accommodating. We loved the central location of the apartment and the easy access to the Metro. Our
only disappointment was that after Easter Monday Gerard Mulot closed for the rest of the week.

I hope we can rent from you again and I will tell more of our friends of France For Rent. I just talked to J. S. who is leaving today for her stay on rue du Four.


Joyce McG. (April, 2006)

Dear Claude,

We all just wanted to thank you. Our trip to Paris was so enjoyable, much in part due to the comfort and convenience of our apartment. The location suited us quite well. Often we would visit Gerard Mulot patisserie and our children would watch the street activity from the apartment window.

We found the apartment to be well equipped, clean and quaint.

Thanks again and should we visit Paris (or France) again, we will definitely turn to you. Sincerely,

The M. Family


W enjoyed our stay at 99 rue de Seine. It is a great location and the flat worked very well for us.


Tom O.

Dear Jamie,

We have just returned from our stay in France and want to tell you how much we enjoyed the apartment at 99, rue de Seine.

It was a charming place, and the perfect arrangement for our group of three. The character of the old building, the quality of the apartment furnishings, and the location all added up to the best trip to Paris we've had. It was the perfect place from which to introduce our 18 year old grandson to that amazing city. And he did love it all! Being serious walkers, we enjoyed the easy access to so many important places, not to mention the patisserie on the corner, the great late night restaurants almost around the corner, and so many other advantages too numerous to mention.

Also, I want to tell you about the great service we received from Jacques Fouquerand. We arrived earlier than expected, so called the number we had for Gaule to see when we could get into the apartment. She was busy, so her husband Jacques hustled over, opened the apartment, and even helped us carry tons of luggage up the stairs. And I do mean tons, as we had been on a golf tour of Brittany, so lots of heavy stuff! Then, on the day before we were to depart, Jacques called us to see if everything was O.K., and asked if we needed any help from him. My husband asked him how we could get a large taxi, and he said he would take care of it for us. He arranged for a station wagon to pick us up at the time we had asked for, and offered further assistance if there were any complications. Fortunately, everything went as planned, so even our departure was a pleasure.

From our first correspondence with you to the last moment in Paris, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. We are already looking forward to using your agency again! Thank you so much!


LaVonne T.


Just got back from Paris last night and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the apartment (99 Rue de Seine)!  I hope you find that we left it in good shape. Please let me know. A few things we wanted to let you know if you weren't aware of them: The apartment definitely needs 2 fans on hot days. It was in the 80's everyday we were there and the one fan Jacques got for us (there were none there when we arrived) wasn't enough to make sleeping in both rooms comfortable. The bedside table to the left of the bed (as you face it) has loose legs. There is a loose tile in the entranceway floor, near the corner of the toilette and the main room. We figured it out but you should let people know what to do with trash/garbage.

The experience was, in general, excellent. Loved the location of the apartment and being met and let in went well. Your website made choosing an apartment an easy process but an online availability calendar would speed up the process and save you guys from a lot of e-mails. Thanks again for making our trip an enjoyable experience!

Peter T.

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